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Mar 02nd
Oryol: The serpent-siren of Ibalong PDF Print E-mail
Written by Liezel Navera, Bicol Pulse   
Tuesday, 06 August 2013 14:00

Ibalong the Musical brings to life the mythical creatures of the Bicol epic, the Ibalon. Oryol, a serpent-siren portrayed by Jenine Desiderio, is one of the creatures who dominated the land of Ibalong.

Oryol is the daughter of Asuwang, the arch deity of the underworld, who emanates primordial creatures within himself. Asuwang is in perpetual conflict with Gugurang, the Goddess of the Upper world, who emanates the creatures such as diwatas and lesser deities.

Oryol witnessed how Baltog, the first hero, shook the balance among the creatures thriving in the land of Ibalong. Oryol was young and inquisitive then, she only watched him squander his wealth and achievements until he dies without an heir.

When Hadyong came, the second hero, Oryol was at the forefront to reject his call for subjugation as he plans to destroy the creatures and subject them to domesticity to serve his vision of progress. So it has begun, a raging war between a monster and a warrior that eventually led into a love story.

Oryol, afraid of the future of her race, saved her kind by entering into a traitorous pact with Hadyong. She cuts off her long serpent tail and agreed to marry Handyong. She then conceived and gave birth to Makusog, a half-breed.

It has been prophesied that Makusoog shall reign over Ibalong, now named Bicol, and that he shall become the father of Daragang Magayon.


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